• What different elements are the planets made of?

    There is not one answer to this question, each of the planets has a different make up, for example, the Earth is made up of about 30% iron, 30% oxygen with many other elements including 14% magnesium. Mercury is also iron in the middle and a large amount of silicate on the surface.

    Venus probably also has an iron interior mixed with nickel, but its atmosphere is nearly all deadly Carbon Dioxide. Again Mars is mostly iron with a silicate surface but also about 15% sulphur. Jupiter is mostly made up of gas, 10% Helium and 90% Hydrogen. Saturn is very similar in its makeup.

    Uranus is mostly ice made up of methane, ammonia and water. Neptune is rock with about 15% the same ice as Uranus. No one knows exactly what Pluto is made up of.