• Mercury

    Mercury is the eighth largest planet in the solar system and is located nearest to the sun.  It has been known of since the 3rd millennium BC when the Sumerians named it as an evening and morning star.  Mercury does not have a regular orbit, but instead switches its orbit as it rotates around the sun at a comparably slow rate next to the other planets.

    Despite being slow, due to its proximity to the sun the planet rotates around the sun three times in only two years making it the only planet that does not have a ratio of 1 one orbit per year.

    Mercury is also known for its eccentricity when it comes to climate with temperatures that range in no consistent pattern.  On average temps range from 90K to 700K degrees.  Mercury is the densest planet in the solar system excluding Earth with a dense iron core.

    Due to this fact, the crust of the planet is made of thin mantle.  The surface actually resembles the moons filled with wide craters and solar winds that blow across the planet and out into the atmosphere.  It also has a North Pole region where ice water is trapped that has been shown by satellites.