• Neptune

    Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the solar system and is the eighth planet away from the sun.  It was named after the God of the Sea in Roman mythology due to the fact that it appears to have an entirely blue sea like colour.  Due to its odd orbit, the planet was not identified as part of the solar system until 1846 although it had been noticed in the past while scientists studied Jupiter.  Neptune and Pluto cross each other technically making Neptune the farthest planet from the sun at certain times of the year.

    Due to its distance from the earth not as much is known about Neptune as the other planets although its composition is assumed to be close to Uranus’ and made mostly of hydrogen with some helium gases as well.

    Its blue colour is from the absorption of methane’s red light but there is also expected to be chromospheres in the atmosphere which strengthens the blue colour.  A unique attribute of Neptune is that it has the fastest winds out of all the planets in the solar system with winds that can reach up to 2000km/hr.