• Is there life elsewhere in the Solar System

    For many years the question of is there life outside of the earth in the solar system has fascinated authors, scientists and people in general who wonder if people are alone in the universe.  Although the answer is not certain given that we are unable to travel deep into the universe it is commonly scientifically understood that life in its advanced human form does not exist outside of the Earth.

    However, one thing that scientists have been able to ascertain for certain is what areas in the solar system could support life or may have supported life in the past even if there are no longer life forms present.

    Current scientific knowledge states that there is not life outside of the Earth that is intelligent, but there may be some bacteria life or microbe life outside of the earth.  This is  the simplest form of life there is, and is the most complicated form of life that is expected to be found outside of the solar system.

    The two locations in the solar system that possibly could support life or may have supported life in the past are Jupiter’s moon Europa and Mars which was speculated to have life forms for years before scientists were able to reach the Red Planet and prove otherwise.

    Intensive study of Mars scientists theorise would show that there are microbes on the planet, but Europa is the location where more developed life forms may be present if they are found anywhere within the solar system.

    Despite the fact that these are the only two objects in the solar system that suggest they could support life today, there are still other objects in the solar system that may help explain the evolution of life in the solar system.

    For example, Titan, a moon of Saturn, could possibly explain some of the chemistry mysteries of life and on of Jupiter’s moons, Callisto, has been recently surveyed for clues about the existence of life in outer space as well.

    Therefore, while no one can ascertain for sure that there is life in outer space the commonly accepted answer is no although evidence on several bodies in space suggest that at one point in time life may have existed on other planets.